When a Kinsmen Electric technician is troubleshooting an electrical power loss, they follow a systematic process to identify and resolve the underlying issues. We begin with an initial assessment.  Our technicians gather information from the customer or via on-site observations. They inquire about the specific symptoms of the power loss, such as the affected areas, duration, and any recent changes or incidents that may have occurred. This initial assessment helps us develop an understanding of the problem they are experiencing.  Before starting any troubleshooting procedures, our technicians ensure that safety measures are in place. They may disconnect power to the affected circuit or the entire electrical system to prevent any potential hazards. Kinsmen Electric will conduct a visual inspection of the electrical components and equipment related to the power loss. We check for obvious signs of damage, loose connections, burned wires, or tripped breakers. We also inspect the electrical panel, fuses, switches, and any other relevant components that may be contributing to the problem.  Using specialized tools and equipment, our technicians perform various tests and measurements to diagnose the problem. This may involve checking voltage levels, continuity, resistance, and other electrical parameters. They use multimeters, circuit testers, and other instruments to gather accurate data.


Based on the initial assessment and test results, our technicians narrow down the search to specific areas or circuits where the power loss issue might originate. They isolate different sections of the electrical system by selectively disconnecting or testing various components.  Kinsmen Electric employs a systematic approach to identify the root cause of the power loss. Following a logical sequence, testing components and connections one by one, we can quickly locate the faulty element.


Power outages can lead to financial loss, especially if they occur for an extended period. A Generac generator safeguards homeowners from losses due to spoiled food, damaged electronics, flooded basements from sump pump failures, and other related issues. It also helps prevent losses from interrupted business operations Once the problematic component or area is identified, our technicians proceed with the necessary repairs or replacements after consulting with the customer first. This may involve repairing or replacing damaged wires, replacing faulty switches or outlets, or resolving issues with the electrical panel or circuit breakers. After making the repairs, Kinsmen Electric verifies the restoration of power to the affected areas. We conduct further tests to ensure that the electrical system is functioning correctly, with no further power loss issues. We may also check for any potential side effects or secondary problems caused by the initial power loss. those who work from home or run a home-based business.

Troubleshooting electrical problems is a skill that veteran electricians acquire over time. Initial assessment, visual inspection, testing and measurement, isolation of faulty areas, systematic troubleshooting, repair or replacement, and testing are steps that an experienced technician can go through quickly to fix electrical problems. Kinsmen Electric technicians do just that and resolve electrical issues efficiently and safely.

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