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During new commercial construction, Kinsmen Electric plays a critical role in ensuring that the electrical systems are properly installed and meet the safety and functionality requirements. Their responsibilities encompass various tasks throughout the construction process, and these include:


Electrical Design and Planning

Kinsmen Electric begins with meeting the general contractors, and other professionals to design the electrical layout for the new building. This involves determining the placement of outlets, switches, light fixtures, and other electrical components based on the blueprint and any additional special requests. We pride ourselves with being able to bring a building to life by asking the important questions that often get overlooked.

Once a plan has been put in place, Kinsmen Electric technicians install the electrical wiring throughout the structure. This includes running wires through walls, ceilings, and floors, carefully routing them to ensure proper connections to outlets, switches, and fixtures. They make sure to provide the right power, with the right wire, to the right place.

Based on the scope and size of the build, Kinsmen Electric technicians install main panels and subpanels throughout the structure for easy power distribution. They connect and coordinate with the utility company’s power source and install circuit breakers to control the flow of electricity to different areas and circuits within the house.

Each commercial building has its own style and flow.  Outlets, switches, and controls are located throughout the structure to create just the right environment the engineers and general contractors are looking for with an eye for safety, ensuring outlets and switches are properly grounded and wired to provide safe and reliable power supply.


Light fixtures, both interior and exterior, throughout any structure are what really set off the craftsmanship and bring a building to life.  Overhead lights, recessed lights, pendant lights, landscape lighting, and any other types of lighting specified by the builders are positioned for maximum effect.

Everything in construction depends on electricity to operate. We like to think of electricity as the central nervous system or circulatory system.  We touch everything.  Our technicians connect wires to major appliances, such as kitchen equipment, HVAC systems, and machinery.  We work closely with other contractors involved in the construction process to coordinate the electrical requirements and placements for all equipment..

Once the electrical installation is complete, Kinsmen Electric conducts a final walkthrough with the owners and general contractor to ensure every task was met and to explain the use or safety of specific equipment.

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Kinsmen Electric leads the way in the construction of a new commercial construction,  involving design, installation, and power function of the electrical systems. We work closely with other professionals, follow electrical codes and safety standards, and expertly complete tasks such as wiring installation, electrical panel setup, outlet and switch installation, lighting installation, appliance and HVAC wiring, safety measures implementation, inspections, troubleshooting, and final testing. By carrying out these responsibilities, Kinsmen Electric contributes to the safe and efficient functions of a new home, providing business owners with reliable power and a comfortable living environment for years to come.

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