Sharing the Light Abroad

Sharing the Light abroad

Kinsmen Electric specifically partners with Faith Baptist Church and the Rawlings Foundation in Sierra Leone Africa. The purpose of The Rawlings Foundation is to further the advancement of Christian education, values and teachings around the world, and to support those in need in our local communities. The main way that is accomplished is through international Camp Ministry. The Rawlings Foundation has 10 different camps located in 9 countries that average more than 200,000 students attending camps each year.

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Sierra Leone Africa

The leadership of Kinsmen Electric is invested in being the best service provider of electrical solutions, however, we believe it is a means to the even greater mission to teach all of the nations and go to the ends of the world to let as many lost people know there is a Savior in Jesus Christ.  In 2022, Kinsmen Electric sent a team to do just that.

In conjunction with the Rawlings Foundation, a local missionary, and the churches of Sierra Leone, Aaron Keckley and Reuben McCoy were able to penetrate into the interior of the country and install a solar array system for a village school/church. The gift of light they were able to provide pared in comparison to the overwhelming joy and undulation that the families, tribal leaders and school children shared with them and they went home with more than they gave.

There are future plans to bring the light to more villages deep in the jungles of Sierra Leone,  as well as assist the Rawlings Foundation in future construction of the Highlands Camp ministry.

Help Spread the Light

Because the electrical grid is practically non-existent in Sierra Leone, the citizens are hindered in everyday amenities that we are so used to. Kinsmen Electric sets aside a special fund to build and install solar array systems in schools, churches, and village community buildings to increase their quality of life. If you would like to donate and spread the light to Sierra Leone Africa, please see below.

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