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Outdoor Adventures

When not leading the day-to-day operations of Kinsmen Electric, Aaron Keckley has a passion for getting outside and trail running in the vast mountain trail systems of the Laurel highlands region. He believes that the sport of running long distances in the mountains not only increases his physical wellbeing, but has provided growth in intangible qualities such as problem solving, mental fortitude, and gratitude. In 2022, he briefly served as president of the board of Movement Outdoors, an afterschool program to get kids excited about outdoor adventures. Knowing the value being outside has added to his life, he jumped at the opportunity to share it with others.

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Teen Quest

Teen Quest is a youth mission that assists churches, communities and families in winning, equipping and empowering students for Christ with God’s Word through camping, student groups, ministry teams and global evangelism.


For both Devin and Reuben, Teen Quest was a summer event looked forward to in their childhood. They spent many summers enjoying all of the activities, making friendships, and sharpening their faith.  As they grew older, they took on different roles at Teen Quest as camp counselors and facility maintenance staff.  Today they have moved one step further and now sit on the board of directors and assist with the vision for Teen Quest’s future.

Donate to Teen Quest

Kinsmen Electric is a dedicated partner of Teen Quest. Please join us with a tax-deductible gift to support our young people. It goes directly to the mission of making outdoor education and recreation widely available to teens in our community at no charge.

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