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Kinsmen Electric is a locally-owned-and-operated electrical company in the Laurel Highlands region of Western Pennsylvania. Our origins date back to 1929, as a family business passed down from generation to generation. We are the next generation taking us into the 21st century with a clear vision as your leader in electricity.

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Our History

The creation of Kinsmen Electric began in the winter of 2016, when a young man moved to Somerset, Pa from Virginia with his wife and newborn son.  Knowing practically nothing of the electrical industry, but desperately in need of a job to support his family, Aaron accepted a position at Krause Electric and Refrigeration as an electrical technician under his brother-in-law, Devin. “That first winter in the industry was brutal. We were put on a housing development with no heat and the first months as an electrician I couldn't feel my feet because they froze each day from the cold.” However, the cold working conditions didn’t temper Aaron’s ambition. What he lacked in knowledge, he made up for in massive action and hard work, at times to the ridicule of his coworkers. Over the course of the next couple of years, Aaron quickly rose through the ranks until he eventually took leadership of projects on his own. “I am a firm believer that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens because of you.” This belief that it was his ethical responsibility to pursue excellence in all he did for the benefit of his employer, customers, and ultimately his family would take him from cabin boy, to captain of the ship.

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After a brief sabbatical in the Army Special Forces, Devin came back to Krause Electric and Refrigeration to an excited Aaron ready to jump at a new opportunity. The owner of Krause Electric was ready to retire and Aaron approached Devin with the proposal that they should team up and buy him out. Once they laid out a like minded vision for the business, he was all in. Aaron knew “This was important, because he balanced out my weaknesses and blind spots, and I couldn't do it without him.”

June of 2020 came and a deal was struck. Aaron and Devin took joint ownership of the business from their employer and they immediately set out to restructure the company to more effectively do the work and take care of their customers.  But Covid. Like all small businesses nationwide, Covid 19 hit Kinsmen Electric no differently.  “We were considered an “essential industry” (whatever that means) so it helped, but we had to be lean and cut expenses like everyone else.” Aaron would half jokingly say during those days, “If we can get through Covid, we can get through anything.” Thankfully, by developing better systems and chasing every job they could, Kinsmen Electric didn’t have to lay off a single employee during the Covid era. “We felt that we were responsible to take care of our employees and make sure they could weather the storm like everyone else, even if it meant losing profit for the business for a short time. That is our culture, and poor leadership has eternal consequences.”

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Today, Kinsmen Electric is thriving. With Devin as the backbone and Aaron as the visionary, they are quickly dominating their sector of the Somerset and Laurel highlands market. They have expanded the company, and the skills of their technicians, to truly be leaders in electricity. From luxury timber frame homes at high end resorts, commercial and industrial building expansions, to everyday troubleshooting of electrical problems in your home, Kinsmen Electric is YOUR Leader in electricity.

Meet Our Team

We celebrate our employees and their contributions to the success of Kinsmen Electric. The company culture of Kinsmen Electric is hard to find anywhere else. We value merit, integrity, humility, a hunger to learn, and communication between peers to foster growth and improvement. We believe that a rising tide raises all ships. So, as we invest in one another, the quality of our work improves and the satisfaction of our customers increases.


Devin Stern

President and Owner of Kinsmen Electric

Aaron Keckley

Vice President / Director of Sales + Administration
Team - Shaina

Shaina Keckely

Financial Director


Secretary and Admin Assistant

Reuben McCoy

 Crew Lead / Senior Electrician

Seth Stern

Electrical Technician


Electrical Technician


Electrical Technician


Fleet Operations


Facilities Director


Electrical Technician


Electrical Technician
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